The thenex team welcomes its new intern Arianna B. . The student from the northern part of Italy will support the team for the next six weeks. Arianna just finished her Bachelor’s degree in Italy and is about to start her Master studies in France.

Before she deepens her theoretical knowledge, she would like to gain practical experience in a company and get to know international structures. She also wants to improve her English skills and learn how to deal with and solve practical problems. Arianna is looking forward to getting to know the German culture and exploring the region besides her work.

She will be part of the thenex procurement team. Her main tasks will be the strategic strengthening of the Italian supplier network and the increase of communication. The motivated student can offer a real opportunity to the company due to her language skills and experience in the region.

Marten-T. Nientimp, head of administration, is very happy to welcome our new intern: „We are very happy to welcome Arianna in Bocholt. Today while a worldwide crisis affects all of us, it is even more important to build the bridge to international customers and partners. Arianna, who is a family member of Italian friends and partners, shows us how strong our good network at thenex is. She helps us very much to strengthen our relations to Italian suppliers who we appreciate and who are very important to us.“ 

We are looking forward to the cooperation and hope to offer other interns a chance to get to know the company thenex and its network.