Football skills and team spirit displayed by the thenex team shows Football skills and team spirit in its first appearance on a big stage

Friday May 17th, the thenex team for the first time participated in the 8thedition of the Barmer Cup. 265 employees from various local companies competed under the motto „ active and healthy“ in the indoor sports arena of Bocholt City Forrest Sportspark. After 5 hours of hard fight in Tennis, Badminton and Football, the tournament results were announced and the winners received their trophies.

The thenex team registered for the highly competitive football tournament and prepared for tht in long training sessions. With the support of two of thenex friends, we were able to put a strong squad together, led by the experienced team manager Peter Schulte.

From the first minute, the team was very focused and highly motivated to give their supporters what they expected. Under the eyes of company president Theo-Heinz Nientimp the thenex fan posse cheered their team through 4 amazing matches in the first round.

3:0 – 3:0 – 3:0 – 2:0 were the results in favor of the ‘thenex Warriors’ with Kubilay Serbes  leading the scoreboard for the team. With its high technical skills and German fighting spirit, the team managed to outplay all opponents, being the only team not receiving a single goal against during the first round.

Only the top teams from each of the 4 groups qualified for the semifinals and hopes were high on thenex side after a very convincing performance.

The semifinal was played against one of the favorites of the tournament: the „Gilde/Makrander“ company team. Gilde/Makrander had played an equally excellent first round and proved to be a nut too hard to crack for the thenex Warriors.

After excellent display of offensive football, thenex opponent quickly led with 2:0.

thenex fought itself back into the match and scored the 2:1.

It was a tough fight for every inch of the football pitch and thenex created chances over chances. Yet the team did not manage to score the deserved equalizer and finally lost the match.

thenex qualified for the consolation final, which was decided by penalty shootout.

After a devastating shot on his head, the thenex keeper needed some time to recover. Yet he performed brilliantly and kept thenex in the game, but finally thenex lost the penalty shootout with 5:6.

thenex and its supporters are very proud of the team and look forward to next year’s tournament, where we can prove that this year’s success was not a one hit wonder.