We congratulate Felix Unger with the excellent results for his final exams as Wholesale and Foreign Trade Merchant! We are glad to be able to integrate him in our Sales Team now permanently and continue our work together!

Marten-J Nientimp: „We are very glad to have young professionals in our team that have learned how our business works from the start. Guys like Felix start their job now as a full team member at thenex with a lot of experience in all departments. For companies like thenex it is becoming more and more important to train their own staff.“

From today, Felix Unger will work as a Sales Assistant at thenex, while continuing his studies at the FOM University. At thenex, he will be trained in the Arabian and North African Market Team and will be in charge of several clients. Part of his job will be to visit clients in the market, develop the market and process the day by day business. One of his special tasks will be the product management for the thenex sales of fire fighting trucks on the Sub-Sahara African market.