Product introduction & demonstration – Quick and reliable pipe couplings and accurate repair of pipe leakages add value to your plant operation

Over time, thenex has successfully been selling Pewobar pipe installation and pipe repair couplings to several industrial customers in Trinidad & Tobago as well to customers in Europe, Africa, the USA and South America.

To learn more about these excellent products, thenex will be glad to organise a meeting between you/your staff and the designer of the products, the experienced engineer Mr. Wolfgang Barbett.

See attached PDFs:


The Agenda can be adjusted to your requirements, so feel free to inform us about your preferences.

We are sure a presentation & demonstration of these Pewobar products will give you and your colleagues more insight in the potential of this product range.

The economic prices and the important reduction of installation time realized, combined with highest quality standards on the market, will add real value to your processes in the area of maintenance and installation.