The thenex team is happy to announce that our company achieved an all-time record number of orders processed in the first five months of this year. The Corona pandemic is nevertheless showing its effects, as order volumes are down compared to previous years.

Many companies have been very poorly off in recent months as the impact of Covid-19 has been clearly felt. thenex GmbH is also feeling these consequences but can still be satisfied. Contrary to expectations, record figures were achieved from the beginning of the year until May in terms of inquiries, offers and orders even though turnover targets were not achieved. This shows us that the company is fully committed even in times of crisis and is consistently available for our customers.

Senior Sales Manager, Peter Schulte, justifies these figures as follows:

“Only during times of trouble and crisis you will see the true character of your organization and all its individuals. During the various lockdowns and uncertain periods of the global pandemic, the entire team from gardener to board of Diretors showed all characteristics required for success. Optimism, focus, teamwork, courage, customer orientation and most of all ambition. I think we can all be very proud of using the pandemic situation to basically re-invent thenex GmbH and put it on track for the next decades.”

We particularly missed the neglected customer proximity due to the lack of travel to our customer regions. This missing aspect is also reflected in the order size, as many orders are smaller due to a lack of on-site consulting opportunities.

Our team does everything to provide the best service for our customers. Also, the care of our suppliers had to suffer from this aspect, however, we look ahead and do everything possible to be particularly present for suppliers and customers in the coming period. Especially for this reason we are looking forward to the upcoming visits and the personal contact to our clients.