Since 2018, thenex has started a virtual ‘enterprise within the enterprise’: the “thenex Junior AG” The enterprise is run entirely by trainees, who doing so gain a lot more ‘real life’ experience than they would normally do.

Marten-T. Nientimp (Head of Administration & Director): “For a company like ours, training new staff is vital. Our export business is extremely diverse and our employees need experience in all our departments, to understand the interactions between them. Running the “Thenex Junior Inc.” brings them that experience and at the same time makes their training years far more interesting and effective.”

Peter Schulte (Senior Sales Manager Director): “Nowadays all young people are involved in social networks. The sooner they learn what networking really means and how important it is for your professional life, the better it is for their employer and their personal development.”

Felix Unger (Trainee): “We were quite surprised to get so much freedom and responsibility from day one. As a team of trainees, we really deal with every aspect of the business process: from the first phone call to closing the deal, procurement and checking payments.”

Offcourse the trainees get all support needed by senior staff members like Peter Schulte und Marten-T. Nientimp. Progress is discussed and problems are solved on a daily basis. But essentially the thenex Junior AG has its own customers, market and responsibillities.

Henry-Johann Nientimp (Managing Director): “We’re delighted that the thenex Junior AG has already attained 60% of their targets in the first 6 months. In 2019, we will definitely continue this experiment with a new generation of trainees. We are positive that doing so we will allways breed new staff for our company with excellent experience and knowledge of our trade!”

You can find the entire article on the “thenex Junior AG” here (German language): thenex Article AHV NRW Magazin

For more information, please contact Marten-T. Nientimp