On time delivery, low costs and a high quality and service level are essential for thenex to be able to maintain the first-class procurement service its clients are used to. thenex GmbH therefore welcomes Mr. Robin Volmering to the team, who from now on will be in charge of the thenex supply chain on a more strategic basis.

Mr. Volmering, What is your job title at thenex and when have you started as such?
I have started working for thenex with the new year in January as their new Procurement Manager. I will be responsible for the ongoing talks with existing and new suppliers. Furthermore, I will improve and expand our supplier network and be the first contact person for supply chain partners.

Can you tell us something about your background?
I was born February 1992 in Bocholt and I am still continuing my studies at the FOM University in Wesel. The program I am following is called Business Administration & Psychology and I will hopefully end my studies there in February 2021 as a Bachelor of Science.

Where have you been working until now?
After graduating from high school in 2011, I finished my training as an industrial clerk at Cotton Styles GmbH. After that, I worked for Setex-Textil-GmbH the past 2 1/2 years, a company specializing in eco-friendly textiles. For both companies I was working in sales and administrative departments. 

How did you get in touch with thenex?
The first time I heard about thenex was in an Instagram story on a job offer from thenex, shared by a mutual friend of Mr. Henry-J. Nientimp and mine. I then got in touch with Henry and the thenex company directly. A second meeting was end of November last year. I then not only met Henry, but also Mr. Marten-T. Nientimp, Mr. Peter Schulte and Mr. Theo-Heinz Nientimp when in a brainstorming we collected ideas to create a schedule. That meeting was decisive for me to say yes to this special opportunity at thenex.

How have your first weeks at thenex been so far?
The first days I was of course getting to know all new colleagues. Furthermore, I had to get acquainted with all internal working processes. Besides that, I tried to develop ideas for improvement, that could be implemented in the future.

Especially the first weeks in my new work environment have been very interesting. I had the chance to get in first contact with a lot of suppliers and to visit the Pumps&Valves Fair and the Maintenance  Fair in Dortmund. There I got to know several of our existing suppliers. They presented me and my colleagues their new products and we had time to discuss current subjects.

I am really looking forward to deepen and strengthen the exchange with my new contacts and to expand the thenex network.

Thank you for this introduction!

Henry-J. Nientimp:
We are in high demand of young professionals like Robin, to develop our company growth. Our great and strongly experienced team with open minded views and fresh influences, allows us to be innovative and confront new market challenges. To implement a strategic Procurement, separated but working close together with our Sales Ream, is a long term vision and we are very much looking forward to the results.