thenex GmbH is representing Messrs. Sera ProDos, Germany (former Seybert & Rahier).

The Sera range of dosing pumps is characterized by high standard of innovation and future orientation. Cost effectiveness and easy handling without any compromise to the product quality are main targets.

Dosing pumps
Oscillating displacement pumps

  • for dosing and feeding liquids in a variety of industries Application range
  • Almost all free-flowing mediums with aggressive, abrasive, offensive smelling, radio-active, inflammable, viscous or poisonous characteristics.
  • for laboratories and industry Intelligent, multifunctional with integrated electronic control Easy-to-use + maintenance-free
  • for industrial use and heavy duty applications (potentially explosive atmospheres) Sturdy and proved

Feeding pumps – air driven
Compact + reliable in starting


Fittings and accessories
Optimally tailored to sera – pumps