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Pipe Connections

This stainless steel pipe coupling offers numerous advantages in comparison to similar connecting elements. This is based on the fact that PEWOBAR offers two special components that enhance the uniqueness of the product.

  1. A patented seal prevents leaking 
  2. A specially shaped anchoring ring ensures a reliable and permanent connection.

Thanks to the wide variety of types, it can be used as a connecting element between pipes made from diverse materials and with different external diameters.

Universal use

  • The Pipe Couppling Joins pipes of the same or dissimilar materials
  • Quick and simple repairs of damaged pipes without service interruptions
  • Installation and sealing principle consistent throughout the Pipe Coupling range
  • Axially restrained or axially flexible Pipe Couplings available


  • Pipe Coupling joining pipes Stress-free and flexible
  • Compensates axial movement and angular deflection
  • Pressure-resistant and leak-proof even with inaccurate pipe assembly
  • Dampens water-hammer, vibration and structure-borne noise

Saves space, time and weight

  • Compact design for space-saving installation of pipes
  • Lightweight
  • Pipe Couplings are Detachable and re-usable
  • Maintenance-free and trouble-free
  • No time-consuming alignment and fitting work


  • Rubber absorbs vibrations/oscillations
  • Pipe Couplings Reduces pressure shocks
  • No fire or explosion hazard during installation
  • No cost for protective measures during installation


  • Increases the life of valves and systems
  • Compensates axial offset and angles
  • Pipe Coupling Coupling and compensator in one
  • No expensive installation tools required

Long-lasting and stress free

  • Corrosion Resistant due to durch seawater resistant stainless steel
  • Good resistance to temperature and chemicals
  • Progressive seal and anchoring
  • Pipe Coupling with Long service life

Connecting pipes in a easy way with PEWOCOUPLING.

  • Better than a fitting
  • Faster than a welded joint
  • Safer than a flange connection

And all without complicated and costly tools.

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