Get to know our Senior Managers

Peter Schulte, Senior Sales Manager & Director at thenex

My name is Peter Schulte and I am the Senior Sales Manager & Director for Central & South America. I started as a trainee for wholesales and export at thenex GmbH in 1989, after graduating from high school. From day one, I enjoyed the team spirit at thenex GmbH and the family values it stands for. For me, the biggest satisfaction at work is being able to bridge the distances, cultures and time zones to solve problems and critical situations that our partners experience. Starting off from a small family enterprise with 4 employees, we have seen global crisis’ coming and going and learned from our experiences. With a full staff of approximately 40 employees nowadays, we are still managing to run a successful company without compromising our core values: reliability – customer orientation – efficiency.


“I feel humbled that we have loyal customers around the globe that work with thenex GmbH for more than 40 years”


Carmen López Medina, Senior Logistics Manager at thenex

I am Carmen López Medina and I work as a Senior Logistics Manager at thenex. By now, I have been part of thenex for 10 years and thus I could experience the growth of the team. Even after ten years, every order, every customer is always a new challenge. Therefore, it is my motivation to keep up with all the young people & continue to accompany the company in its expansion & development of new markets.


“It’s great to see the company grow & to be part of it”