Modernization & Installation

In order to satisfy the increasing operational applications of revamping and modernization of the final users, we are able to offer the following services:

  • Refurbishment of existing systems
  • Modernization and expansion of existing systems for improving the plant performances
  • Installation of new electrical and control systems or modification of existing control systems for automatic operations
  • Deep investigation is necessary to define proper actions by evaluating the present conditions of existing equipment that needs modifications

We proceed, both on the mechanical and electrical point of view, as follows:

1 Verification of the existing system present conditions

2 Trouble analysis and relevant solutions

3 Evaluation of existing machines possible improvements

4 Estimation of any emergent work requirement

5 Evaluation of methods to avoid inefficiencies


Our technical department can provide a total solution from new systems to modifications to existing plants. thenex GmbH works with senior engineers with many years of experience working with handling systems and machines, and cooperates with several of the industry’s experts in conveyor equipment, belt technology, auxiliary systems and automation and control system application for handling plants.

Typical projects:

  • Design of single machines
  • New conveyor installations, including structural design
  • Improvements of existing conveyors, for example to have higher performance
  • Refurbishment of old equipment
  • Electrical engineering
  • Automation
  • Problem solving, for example excessive spillage, and sticky products clogging up the chutes and hoppers, belt water removal system 

Major technical documentation:

  • Lay-out and elevation plant
  • Basic, design, erection & shop drawings
  • Technical specifications & descriptions
  • Data sheets
  • P&ID, complete electrical & instrumentation docs
  • Calculation reports
  • Erection, operation and maintenance manuals
  • Check lists / troubleshooting 


  • According to national and international codes (EN, UNI, DIN, FEM, ISO, BS, etc.)
  • Static and fatigue design
  • Internal software development
  • Finite element analysis for structures
  • Simulations


  • Customer-oriented consulting services worldwide
  • Feasibility studies for new plants, expansion projects, changes to conveyor
  • configuration, modification to operating conditions, with a detailed report of our findings
  • Cost estimation, proposals and comparison of different solutions
  • Recommendations to overcome bottlenecks and reach desired performances

Supervision/Inspection specialists

We are able to offer services relevant to inspection, maintenance and testing of the existing plant, as well as activities of fabrication and erection control, commissioning and the start-up of new plants and equipments of material handling systems for bulk and bags.

Mechanical engineer

  • Site survey
  • Supervision on mechanical and structural assemblies
  • Inspection of existing machines and equipment integrity
  • Planning and provision of advising on a broad range of issues such as the possibility of upgrading, structural integrity, accidental damage and its repair and general problem solving
  • Evaluation of inefficiencies of equipments and development of solutions.
  • Issue of recommended spare part list, considering the actual status of the plant.
  • Maintenance (periodic supervision and checking according to scheduled maintenance plans)
  • Field erection supervision, commissioning and start-up
  • Electrical engineer
  • Checking electrical parts and instrumentation
  • Electrical modifications on existing plant
  • Erection supervision, commissioning and start-up
  • Test run

Software specialist

  • Checking, commissioning and start-up of control systems integration
  • PLC programming and operator interface development
  • Upgrading, improvements, new functions

Hydraulic specialist

  • Erection supervision for hydraulically powered equipments
  • Commissioning and start-up for hydraulically powered equipments

Specialist for belt vulcanizing

thenex further provides profound experience in the material handling systems erection, maintenance and start-up.

Behind these site activities, there is the support of the head office from the technical point of view and coordination of all the packages (for example electrical, automation, etc.) involved in the material handling system, based on our extended knowledge of the plant. 

A technical report is issued after every survey.

After Sales Service


Our team can undertake regular scheduled inspections at site to assure the correct operation of all equipment, verify the machines, supervise all service work, carry out tests, issue a report with our recommendations for action and a list of strategic replacement parts or repairs.

Cyclic activities or special maintenance services can be performed on existing machines and equipment, mechanical and structural assemblies, electrical parts and instrumentation, hydraulic systems.

  • Periodic interventions according to scheduled maintenance plans
  • Checking the plant and its components at regular intervals
  • Special extraordinary services
  • Troubleshooting


  • Personnel training for operation and maintenance of the system.
  • Tailored courses to include contents essential to customers’ specific requirements
  • Tailored courses concerning operation, mechanical, electrical, PLC, maintenance, belt vulcanizing