With the ELBOW-Contiflow system, the IPOS™ Engineering team has succeeded in developing an effective, completely silent and maintenance-free silo discharge and delivery aid, which optimizes your plant availability and prevents production stoppages by clogging and caking in silos, pipelines, cyclones, sieves and spray dryers to almost zero.

  • reduce your production downtime
  • reduce your maintenance cost
  • reduce your energy cost
  • reduce your noise levels

Simplified Lab Demonstration

Ultrasonic discharge aid – IPOS-ELBOW-Contiflow
An innovative ultrasound-based solution for the mobilization of all kinds of bulk goods.

The function
Removal of static friction and sliding friction between powder and metal surfaces through direct high-frequency contact stimulation.

The result
Solids mobilization, continuous and reproducible material flow. Avoidance of caking, incrustations and clogging, no segregation.

Your advantages:
Noiseless, easy assembly from the outside, gentle on materials, efficient, retrofittable, does not compress the material.

Our service
Qualified advice, tests on site, tests in the laboratory, installation, commissioning, optimization, remote maintenance, service and downtime maintenance, spare parts service.

Application examples
Sieving machines, pipes, weighing systems, containers, cyclones, containers, mixers, spray towers, fluid bed coolers, dosing devices.

Our customers
Food, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, building material production, laboratories, general bulk industry.