Bocholt, 16 February 2017 – As of today, Henry-Johann Nientimp now has been appointed Managing Director of thenex® GmbH. Henry-Johann Nientimp will be responsible for the further successful expansion of the thenex® family company in both existing and new markets.

With the appointment of Henry-Johann Nientimp as Managing Director, the fourth generation Nientimp takes charge of our family company thus the change of generations at thenex® takes place at the pace planned.

Henry-Johann Nientimp (1989) started his business career at thenex® in 2009. After completing his studies for a Bachelor in International Business Management at the Düsseldorf EBC University of Applied Sciences, he has been responsible for the company’s sales and marketing as well as IT.

His father, Theo-Heinz Nientimp, who is a 100% shareholder of the family company, will continue his work as President and CEO of thenex® GmbH.

Henry-Johann Nientimp
Tel.: +49 (0) 2871 / 27130