Special Burners

1. Sulphur Burners

Sulphur is one of the raw materials used in sulfuric acid production plant or in plant where sulphur is necessary to generate other chemical products (for example aluminum fluoride). In these processes, the sulphur is burned inside a refractory furnace to produce its derivates.

BCE and thenex can supply this kind of burner complete with tip and plug for mechanical atomization of sulphur. For this reason is important that sulphur reaches the burner at high temperature and pressure and at liquid state. To guarantee the correct combustion conditions, the burner is traced by steam to maintain the temperature and avoid solidification.

2. Off Gas and Low LHV Burners

These burners are supplied with external gas scroll, through which the gaseous stream is injected inside the combustion chamber. Each burner is also supplied complete with gas lances and central gas gun, which are necessary to heat up the system before syngas injection.

Sometimes, when the calorific value is very low, the central gas gun or a continuous pilot is kept operational.

If there is the presence of two syngas streams which have very different characteristics in terms of volume and operating conditions, we could provide burners with double external gas scroll.

3. Air Heaters – Incinerators – KILN Burners

These burners are not provided with an air wind box; combustion air comes from a distributor duct which is flanged directly to the burner. There is no air register but only a diffuser for air distribution.

Thenex and BCE can also supply burners for “KILN” processes: these burners have similar design to “KS” burners but they can be adapted to KILN furnaces conditions. According to the system in object, KILN burners could have one, two or three combustion air distributors suitable for fresh or pre-heated combustion air.

4. Blast Furnances Burners

These kind of burners are suitable to operate in metallurgical processes where the operating temperatures are very high. In fact, our blast furnace burners are usually made from Inconel/Hastelloy materials which are suitable to resist to severe working conditions.

These burners are usually equipped with a central pilot igniter operating with natural gas or rich gas, which ensures a correct combustion of the gaseous stream fired by the burner. Burners are feeding by a low LHV gas coming from process (Coke Oven Gas or similar) and, when not in operation, they are cooled by a nitrogen stream.