sera Compressors & Hydrogen Technology


thenex offers sera compressors which are ideal when large quantities of gas need to be compressed cost-efficiently and safely. They further show a great range of applications such as nitrogen compressors for butyl production, airbag inflator gas filling and gas bottle filling and transfilling units.

Dry Running Piston Compressor with Electro-Hydrostatic Drive

thenex supplies reliable sera gas compression solutions without oil, contamination or leakage for many decades. The newly developed, innovative dry-running piston compressors with electrohydrostatic drives perfectly complement the established metal diaphragm technology. They enable reliable and energy-efficient compression of particle-free gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, helium, argon or ethylene to extreme pressures without the use of lubricants.


Metal Diaphragm Compressors

The sera metal diaphragm compressors deliver absolutely contamination-free compression of sensitive and valuable gases.

Metal diaphragm compressors are the best choice for microelectronics, semiconductor and doping technology applications.


Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

At a time when fossil fuels are running out and environmental protection is becoming increasingly essential to our planet, sera GmbH has made a commitment to this very vision – which is why thenex provides an innovative sera hydrogen refuelling station as a ground-breaking step towards the preservation of our environment. Hydrogen technology: the fuel of the future.


Power-to-Gas Compressor Unit

With the power-to-gas energy storage, thenex and sera can help you balance out increasing fluctuations of wind and solar energy in power generation, or keep power from being fed directly into the grid at times when generation is particularly high.