Combustion Equipment

Pilot Ignitors

The HE series of BCE pilot ignitors includes gas electric ignitors, light oil electric ignitors, without or with premixed air, suitable for continuous operation, as well as the direct spark ignitor for light up of heavy oil.

Usually, pilot ignitors are an integral part of the supply of burners or combustion systems, but we can also provide the single pilot ignitor as a part of new combustion system as well as revamping of existing systems.

The pilot ignitors can be supplied with in-built flame scanners or ionization flame rods, with automatic retraction drivers and with power supply units for installation in any environment and hazardous area.

High Energy Electric Ignitor is capable to withstanding to every temperature which could be present inside wind box (up to 350 °C), and the discharge head itself must withstand to the very high radiation and temperature close to the burner flame. The BCE unit is suitable for a maximum surface temperature of 750 °C at the discharge head.


Materials carbon steel – stainless steel
Fuel natural gas – refinery gas – LPG – propane – diesel oil
Combustion air up to 550 °C
Premixing air instrument/service air @ ambient temperature
Gas pressure 0.4 – 0.5 barg
Premixing air pressure 0.4 – 0.5 barg
Liquid fuel pressure 8 barg (min)
Electrical construction IP 65 – Eexd IIB – Eexd IIC