Assembled Skids

Assembled Oil Skids

thenex and BCE are able to provide engineering and/or complete supply of mechanically, electrically and pneumatically assembled skids. Typically we supply skids for heavy fuel oil/diesel oil and fuel gas feeding line to burners.

Each skid is normally designed according to the relevant Code & Standards for such equipment, i.e. ASME, PED, API, TEMA, ATEX and so on.

Fuel oil heating and pumping units are necessary where fuel oil combustion is required. In such combustion system, fuel oil must reach the burners with a correct temperature (to reduce the viscosity) and correct pressure (to guarantee a stable atomization). This is what assembled oil skids are made for. Depending on combustion system power and relative design criteria (pressure limits, overdesign, available stream, redundant logics), we supply every items necessary to the correct operating of the system which skid is connected to.

Assembled Gas Skids

The skid is supplied mechanically, electrically and pneumatically assembled and we could provide also a local control panel if necessary and, if requested, by type of application.

Feeding units to burner/s are typically complete with relevant instrumentation, manual and pneumatic valves, flow meter and control valve which regulates fuel flow rate basing on thermal power required from combustion process, both for gas and oil.

Regarding assembled gas skids we could also supply pressure reduction station which are necessary when fuel gas is provided at high pressure in front of fuel gas skid operating pressure (typically 3 barg).

BCE can also supply, before the final assembly, several test on piping i.e. pressure test, welding test (WPS/PQR, LP, PMI), painting test and issue to Client the relative certificates.