Dosing Pumps

For decades the proven sera delivery program has had an excellent reputation for its high-quality and long-lived products in the area of dosing units. With sera dosing pumps, we can dose nearly all flowing media, even with aggressive, abrasive, odorous, radioactive, inflammable, viscous or toxic properties – reliably and safely.

Solenoid diaphragm pumps

The solenoid diaphragm pumps of the 2 series are available with extensive (C204.1) control electronics. For special dosing problems and to meet nearly all of our customers‘ needs, we offer individual solutions, e.g.:

  • Multi function valves
  • Completely available with dosing kits (“plug & dose”)
  • Design with Profibus DP-Interface

Performance range from 0,4 l/h to 35 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 10 bar 

Stepper motor pumps

The new sera dosing pump iSTEP combines an intelligent drive concept with the accuracy of a diaphragm pump.

It sets new standards in terms of reproducibility and reliability.

Performance range up to 50 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 10 bar


Diaphragm pumps

sera diaphragm pumps are leak-free oscillating displacement pumps designed for the dosing of volumes up to 1450 l/h.

Performance range from 0,4 l/h to 1450 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 10 bar


Piston diaphragm pumps

thenex offers sera piston diaphragm pumps that are leak-free oscillating displacement pumps. They are an ideal combination of the high supply pressure of a piston pump and the perfect leak-proof diaphragm pump.

Performance range from 7,5 l/h to 850 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 80 bar


Piston Pumps

thenex provides sera piston pumps which are versatilely applicable and despite its high pressure range extremely safe to operate. Due to low-wear components the maintenance of the piston pump is very low and therefore it convinces with accustomed quality and reliability.

Performance range from 8 l/h to 22 l/h, counter pressures up to 140 bar 

Multi-layer diaphragm pumps

By using the multi-layer membrane, demanding safety dosing tasks can be realized.

Performance range from 11 l/h to 1200 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 20 bar

Dosing Systems

Standardized compact dosing systems

thenex offers sera Standardized Compact Dosing Systems which can be used everywhere; it is not a matter of highly complex and expensive dosing processes but only a controlled and precise quantity dosing of a liquid in one process or in a different medium. The completely modular design makes it possible with standardized components – like from a construction kit – to adapt the functions of the system to the individual dosing requirements.

Polymer Stations

Standardized polymer preparation unit sera PolyLine® is a series of easy, flexible, economical and efficient systems for the treatment of polymers.

  • PolyLine® Flow

Polymer preparation station as a 3-chamber system.

  • PolyLine® Swing

Polymer preparation station as a pendulum system.

  • PolyLine® Double

Polymer preparation station as a double-deck version.

Customized dosing systems

Individual dosing systems tailored to the customers’ needs.


Sodium hydroxide preparation system

thenex offers sera sodium hydroxide preparation systems, a cost-efficient system solution specifically aimed at industries with fluctuating, but large requirements of alkaline detergents or for countries where a continuous delivery is not secured.


KVV Dosing Systems

The KKV-Dosing system with automatic monitoring consists of single diaphragm pumps – made of high-quality materials and easy to maintain – combined with an automatic monitoring system.


Chlorine dioxide preparation and dosing units

Chlorine dioxide preparation and dosing units are dosing units for an efficient preparation and exact metering of 2% and 0,2% chlorine dioxide solutions.

Capacity up to 1.000 g ClO2/h at pressures up to 10 bar.

Further Pumps

Feeding Pumps

Air driven diaphragm pumps

Air driven diaphragm pumps are cost-effective, leakage free displacement pumps. They are driven by dry, non-lubricated compressed air.

Performance range from 5 l/h to 850 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 7 bar

FTi Centrifugal Pumps

thenex provides sera magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps for a wide range of applications.