The call that Büngern-Technik received from the dental practice Dr. Niehaus on 28.04.2020 fitted in well with the current preparations for a partial opening of the workshop for people with disabilities, which is currently still closed to all people with disabilities due to official regulations in the Corona Pandemic.

Accordingly, the Büngern-Technik was very pleased about the joint donation of the dental practice Dr. Niehaus, Thenex GmbH and Ardap Care GmbH, who handed over 7,500 face masks and 90 disinfectant spray bottles to the Büngern-Technik workshop manager Hans-Georg Hustede. This donation, said Hustede, will make it much easier for Büngern-Technik to provide appropriate protection for people with disabilities when the workshop is partially opened.

Although the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs in NRW is still waiting for a corresponding regulation on the exact conditions under which people with disabilities can return to the workshops, Büngern-Technik has already set out to draw up a concept for a partial opening of the workshop that will offer the highest possible protection for the returning disabled people. Part of this concept is that people with disabilities have to wear face masks on the ways to the workshop, which often have to be covered in shuttle vehicles, and in the aisles of the workshop. Wherever the minimum distance cannot be maintained within the workshop at the workplaces, partition walls are installed. Regular hand washing and hand disinfection, maintaining the minimum distance of 1.5 m and the so-called “sneezing policy” will now also have to become routine for all people working in Büngern-Technik.

Products such as face masks and disinfectants are currently in great demand by many institutions. Thus procurement is currently difficult, but the demand for Büngern-Technik, in which approx. 800 people with disabilities work, of whom certainly not all will be able to return in the first step of partial opening, is great.

Press release: We love Bocholt, April 30, 2020