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Burners and Combustion Equipment

BCE’s commitment is to secure Clients full satisfaction providing efficient and reliable design and equipment. Burners and combustion equipment are engineered on job by job basis employing a team of specialized engineers. BCE is close to Client’s requirements and provides full support, detailed and complete technical documentation for the installation of the equipment supplied. Quality Control Plans are implemented to insure adequate project management, workmanship and materials quality. 

The company holds a Quality Management System certification ISO 9001:2008. BCE provides full technical assistance and services from qualified engineers for installation supervision, commissioning and start-up. 

BCE is close to its Customers and, for this reason, is important for us to give all the necessary support, efficient and quick, whenever is necessary. 

Project consulting – presale – Start-up and Commissioning Assistance – Training of local personnel 

Evaluation of your combustion system and all the equipment installed i.e. valve and instrumentation train, burner management system, combustion air distribution, control system etc. in order to provide technical service to upgrade your system 

  • Resulting in a written report with technical solutions, supporting the client in decision making based on its needs and financial possibilities 
  • If desired complete revamping of the combustion system for best combustion efficiency and boiler performances with low pollutant emissions 
  • Ensurance that the system performs safely, reliably and efficiently 


thenex & BCE Products are particularly developed for the following applications:

  • Steam generators for power generation, cogeneration and industrial processes
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators of combined cycles
  • Waste to Energy system
  • Heaters and Furnaces for chemical and petrochemical processes


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