INTRON-D plus System

The fully digital systems from INDUSTRONIC have a modular design. This means that in addition to the standard use as an intercom, public address, general warning and alarm system, they also offer the option for digital data and control signal transmission.

INDUSTRONIC components are used to custom-design your specific system in line with the functions you require and your budget constraints. Products from other manufacturers can also be easily integrated into your system.


The latest development is the INTRON-D plus system – customizable, reliable, intelligent.

The INTRON-D plus system is the culmination of more than 40 years experience with industrial communications technology. In response to expanding requirements among customers and the market, this system is now also available for LAN with the reliability expected of INTRON-D systems. Cutting-edge network technology provides seamless integration of INTRON-D plus into consolidated systems. Expanded functionality and updated interfaces result in a new level of flexibility for PA, intercom, and alarms.

System networks with up to 250 distributed systems can now be established quickly and easily through the use of ethernet, fiber optics, or E1/DSL copper connections, including the use of existing IP technology.

INTRON-D plus sets new standards with up to 65,000 freely programmable addresses, 1000 selectable group calls, 1000 loudspeaker groups, 200 priority levels, and a large number of independent PA zones.

The specially developed Config Manager enables centralized mapping and management of even complex, networked systems and communication scenarios.

However, safety and stability requirements are the absolute highest priorities. For this reason, the INTRON-D plus system contains expanded redundancy options (up to a completely redundant system structure) in addition to a large number of monitoring functions, many of which go far beyond legal requirements.

It has been certified according to EN 54-16 – one of the  most stringent European safety standards – to be used as Voice Alarm System in connection with automatic fire detection systems thus effectively protecting human life.

INTRON-D plus – customizable, reliable, intelligent.

INTRON-D plus – customizable, reliable, intelligent.

More information

• INTRON-D plus Brochure: INTRON-D-Plus-EN.pdf